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About PhytoBiome

A whole-plant gut health supplement for high-performance horses.

Company: HFS—Health Food Symmetry PL
Product name: PhytoBiome™
Country of origin: Australia
Classification: Supplement with health benefits
Ingredients: 100% Sugarcane Fibre (95% Sucrose removed) which has a composition of < 87% fibre. The other 13% is made up of natural waxes, minerals, vitamins and plants sterols
Fibre: Insoluble/soluble complex whole-plant prebiotic
Serving size: 15g per serve / 2 serves per day
Retail: 500g bag— 16 days supply / 2 serves per day
Bulk: 10kg bag—1 year supply / 2 serves per day
500g Price: $29.95 per bag delivered Australia only. Postage $11.50 flat-rate unlimited bags
10kg Price: $500.00 + $20.00 freight per bag

As a nongelling product, PhytoBiome™ will not interfere with other Medications or Nutrition absorption.

Note: PhytoBiome™ is a “Functional Supplement”, delivering additional and enhanced benefits over and above basic nutritional value.

FSANZ, FDA, SQF Food Safety & Quality, NON-GMO, Australia Made, GFSI