Constipation & Digestive Regularity

Constipation can come about from a number of sources, a lack of fibre in the diet, illness, medication side effects, stress and more. While Kfibre can only directly target the first source, being a lack of fibre in the diet, there’s more to the story.

The biggest influence you can have on the state of your gut and microbiome health is your diet. Kfibre contains unique insoluble and soluble prebiotic fibres, phytonutrients and antioxidants that ensure you don’t miss out on an important component of your gut health. The prebiotics aren’t digestible by you, but they can be digested and fermented by the bacteria in your gut (your microbiome).

When you eat Kfibre, you’re feeding the good fibre digesting bacteria that help run many other functions in the body; including releasing plant phytonutrients, natural anti-inflammatories and micronutrients for your body and digestive tract, supporting the optimal balance and the growth of good bacteria which ultimately helps keep bad bacteria from taking over when you get run down. The insoluble fibre at its most basic level helps to keep digestion moving steadily and sweeps your gut clear and keeps it in the best state to digest and optimise the nutrient absorption of your next meal. Your body will remove its waste in a more efficient and healthy way and you will notice how good this feels.

It goes beyond this simple function though in that about 30% of the mass in your poo is actually bacteria, and Kfibre prebiotic feeds and supports the bacteria in your gut as it is digested leading to a more stable microbiome. Kfibre also absorbs water as it moves from the stomach and retains it as it moves into and through the bowel picking up waste, acting like a brush helping to keep our bowels healthy.


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