How do you use Kfibre?

Kfibre is really easy to add in to your existing diet. It is tasteless as an additive to the meals and drinks you already use every day. Below is a simple guideline on how to use Kfibre for the first time.

Please note that Kfibre is a prebiotic that is mainly insoluble (with a small percentage being soluble) and will not dissolve completely in liquids. Make sure you stir well before drinking Kfibre mixed into a glass so that you consume both the soluble and insoluble fibres.

Tip: Please make sure you drink a little more water each day to help the fibre work.

Directions for use

Liquid Applications: smoothies, protein shakes, milk and flavoured mixes.

Baking (cakes, biscuits, bread, pancakes): Follow your recipe – for every 1 cup of flour, add 1 tablespoon of Kfibre™ (may need a little more liquid).

All other applications: at user’s taste/preference. Suggestions: Icing, soups, dips, meatballs, homemade sausage rolls, cheesecake base, mashed potato/pumpkin, gravy, quiche, scrambled eggs, bliss balls, protein balls and energy bites.

If you have a history of sensitive gut health, we encourage you to start with the Sensitive Gut recommendation, then increase the amount slowly over 28 days.

Storage Instructions

Storage Instructions: Store below 30ºC with container sealed to protect from moisture.

*Children must be on full solids. Not intended for immediate relief. Always read the label, use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

How much do I take and how soon?

We recommend starting with the Sensitive Gut table below. This is a guide only; you can start with the 1 teaspoon for the 1-14 days if you like. Drop back to the ½ teaspoon if needed and follow the 28-day program.

Note: One Kfibre customer took 6 weeks for her system to balance out, and she now feels the full benefits of Kfibre. The key is to slowly build up overtime.

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how to use kfibre smoothies drink

Smoothies & Drinks

Add one teaspoon of Kfibre directly to your smoothie when blending. Add one teaspoon directly to drinks and stir thoroughly. Tip: Go high fibre by adding 1 heaped tablespoon per person.

how to use kfibre cereal


Add one teaspoon of Kfibre directly to your cereal. Gently stir into the milk and cereal. Tip: Make sure Kfibre is mixed with milk, add to bottom of your cereal bowl first or pre-mix into milk and pour over cereal.

how to use kfibre hot meals sauce

Hot Meals & Sauces

Simply add Kfibre directly to hot meals, gravy or sauces directly. Add approximately one teaspoon into the meal for each person sharing the meal. Tip: Add Kfibre at end of cooking, so as not to cook out the Nutrients.

how to use kfibre baked good

Baked Goods

Add 1 tablespoon of Kfibre for every 1 cup of flour. Mix well into dry ingredients before baking. Kfibre can be used with traditional Gluten flours as well as non-Gluten alternatives. Tip: You may need more wet ingredients to balance the amount of Kfibre.

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