Prebiotics are food ingredients that promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms within your intestines or gut. Kfibre is a prebiotic containing both soluble and insoluble fibre.
Probiotics are live microorganisms that you consume with the intention of improving or restoring the health of your microbiome (or gut microorganisms)

There’s a great deal of studies on probiotics and yet still science is trying to extract their best value. Should probiotics and prebiotics be taken together? The simple answer is yes, you can even buy some already in this format called “synbiotics”.

Prebiotics are the food source of probiotics, so it only makes sense that you provide any probiotic that you take the best chance at growing and having a benefit.

Kfibre has been scientifically trialled for its anti-inflammatory properties as both Kfibre alone, and also with a probiotic. The results were clear for a given property that a probiotic is linked to, such as anti-inflammation, Kfibre was able to amplify the effect and improve the anti-inflammatory effects. Basically, Kfibre supported the growth and function of the probiotic throughout the bowel and it led to an easily measurable and significantly improved result. In fact, the results were better when Kfibre was just used alone than if the probiotic was just used alone. This suggests that the kfibre is more powerful and supporting your existing gut bacteria than trying to repopulate your gut with new gut bacteria from probiotics.

Kfibre has a patent based on the dual or synergistic use of probiotics & Kfibre and has a partner currently developing an all in one product for specific health benefits, we’ll let you know when it’s ready.