Prebiotics are the components of your food that are digested by the beneficial microorganisms in your intestines (commonly called your gut). These microorganisms are collectively referred to as your microbiome or gut flora and have a significant impact on your digestion and your overall health. Kfibre is a prebiotic that supports a healthy gut by feeding your beneficial gut bacteria.

The biggest influence you can have on the state of your microbiome and your gut health is your diet. Kfibre contains unique insoluble and soluble prebiotic fibres, phytonutrients and antioxidants that ensure you don’t miss out on an important component of your gut health. The prebiotics in Kfibre aren’t digestible by you, but they can be digested and fermented by the bacteria in your gut (your microbiome).

When you consume Kfibre, you’re feeding the good fibre digesting bacteria that help run many other functions in the body; including releasing plant phytonutrients, natural anti-inflammatories and micronutrients for your body and digestive tract, supporting the optimal balance and the growth of good bacteria which ultimately helps keep bad bacteria from taking over when you get run down.

The insoluble fibre at its most basic level helps to keep digestion moving steadily and sweeps your gut clear and keeps it in the best state to digest and optimise the nutrient absorption of your next meal. Your body will remove its waste in a more efficient and healthy way and you will notice how good this feels.

The natural anti-inflammatory properties in Kfibre support all the functions above to result in easier digestion, less bloating and less dietary indigestion and reflux.

Short of a mostly vegetarian diet, Kfibre is the best dietary solution to give your body and microbiome the prebiotics and nutrients it needs when you don’t have time to eat perfectly.