Kfibre can be a powerful choice for people suffering from constipation. Our testimonials page is filled with people who have resolved their constipation issues with regular Kfibre usage. Constipation can be the result of a from a number of issues; a lack of fibre in the diet, poor microbiome health, illness, medication side effects, stress and more.

Kfibre is composed of both soluble and insoluble fibres and can provide the general benefits of fibre, or “roughage” as it used to be called. In this way, Kfibre helps digested foods to keep moving in your gut.

The benefit of kfibre goes further than simply being another fibre option – it is also a powerful prebiotic. Kfibre contains both complex and active fibres that feed the beneficial bacteria in your microbiome.

Many people don’t realise that approximately 30% of the mass in your poo is actually bacteria. Kfibre acts as a fibre to help move waste through your gut but it also acts as a prebiotic that feeds and supports the bacteria in your gut. This allows kfibre to act as a digestive support to normalise digestion in people with constipation and work towards feeding your microbiome and creating a healthier gut. The bonus of the healthier microbiome should further assist towards normalising your digestion and reducing your symptoms of constipation.

Kfibre also absorbs water as it moves from the stomach and retains it as it moves into and through the bowel picking up waste, acting like a brush helping to keep our bowels healthy. By taking Kfibre at least once a day, it should help make constipation a thing of the past.