Kfibre Essential Range

Sachets Tubs

Why use kfIbre?

  • Nourishes the Microbiome
  • Maintenance of Digestive health

  • Regular Bowel Movements

  • Ease Constipation

  • Dietary Indigestion & Bloating

  • Satiety & GI Lowering

  • 85% Insoluble Vegetable Fibre

  • Hindgut Fermentation

  • Short Chain Fatty Acids

  • Low FODMAP & Gluten Free

Made from Australian sugarcane. 95% sucrose reduced via a chemical-free process. “Whole plant prebiotic fibre

Made in Australia
australian owned
low GI Fibre
non GMO

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The luxury of a good product allows the phrase to be thrown around at HFS “If you’re taking a supplement of some kind and you can’t tell if it’s working – try Kfibre, you will feel it”.

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