Kfibre is the best available prebiotic on the market. We have demonstrated that it outperforms existing prebiotics available using our university partners. So why is kfibre such a powerful prebiotic and why does it have such a beneficial impact on your microbiome?

Prebiotics are fibres that are undigestible to your own body functions but are digestible by the bacteria that live inside you, and when they ferment prebiotics, they release a multitude of micronutrients that you cannot access alone.

One of our University partners has completed scientific studies demonstrating a key difference between kfibre and existing prebiotics – Kfibre is a prebiotic that is fermented at a more uniform rate compared to other prebiotics. This reduces the comparative gas and bloating risk, and the fermentation of Kfibre continues through the whole gut providing a benefit to the entire digestive tract.

Many prebiotics are isolated and singularly pure fibres. This sometimes sounds good in marketing speak, but what it really means is that you will be feeding a single food source to the bacteria in your gut. By doing so, you may actually shape the species in a way that reduces diversity or heavily favours particular species, especially since most prebiotics on the market are soluble fibre prebiotics, sometimes fully dissolvable and not at all like the grand array of different soluble and insoluble fibre types and structures that occur in nature. This is why you might’ve had advice to swap between fibre or prebiotic supplements over time; so you don’t focus your microbiome in a negative way.

Kfibre is a complex and active prebiotic. We say that because it contains natural and whole plant prebiotics that are both soluble and insoluble. Most importantly, they are not isolated or purified, they are from whole plant sugarcane with the sucrose removed only; this leaves a very broad set of prebiotics and fibres as well as the complimentary organic micronutrients that were part of the plant when it was growing.

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