Dietary assistance for gluten & FODMAP sensitive

Gluten/FODMAP sensitivity and other digestive issues affect people in many ways with symptoms including stomach cramps to abdominal pain, gas and bloating. The severity of these symptoms is different for each person and there are many treatments on the market to aid the sufferer.

Kfibre is certainly not a cure, but it can help with symptoms; one of the most effective ways to manage the symptoms is a diet high in functional fibres and complex prebiotics.

But how does Kfibre help bowel function and manage your triggers?

  • Kfibre is naturally Low FODMAP and certified FODMAP friendly
  • By supporting the good bacteria and your microbiome and normalising digestion
  • Prevents overeating by leaving you feel fuller for longer
  • Promotes muscle activity in the intestines
  • Helps food pass through the intestines more quickly
  • Helps to provide relief from indigestion and heartburn

Have a read through some of our testimonials and decide for yourself.

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