Normalise Digestion

Everyone knows we need fibre in our diets for normal digestion and Kfibre packs more fibre punch than any other source out there. It’s made of of soluble and importantly insoluble fibre that is both prebiotic; indigestible to you, but digestible by your gut bacteria. When you body is moving waste through at a healthy rate and your bacteria are happily digesting these prebiotics your body you will know the difference.

Kfibre contains lots of natural phytonutrients :

  • Complex Prebiotics & functional fibres (Insoluble and soluble), Policosanols, flavonoids, essential micronutrients Chromium & Selenium. See the science section for more information on the microbiome and mechanisms.

Try Kfibre, you might not know what normal digestion really feels like….yet.

Ready to change your Gut Health?