Weight Management & Appetite Control

Studies have shown increasing your intake of complex functional and prebiotic fibres can improve your weight loss efforts as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine. By passing through the body quickly, reducing the strain on your digestive system and not raising blood sugar levels – fibre is a low-calorie weight loss supplement that keeps you feeling fuller for longer.

Kfibre has completed a 90 subject weight loss study that demonstrates significantly improved outcomes for a weight loss program that included Kfibre compared to another fibre.

On an 8-week program the weight loss recorded for females in the control group was 5.7 kgs, and for the Kfibre group it was 10.06kg.

This represented a 76% increase in weight loss and exceeded the performance of many other options for obesity weight loss. Males demonstrated a 56% improvement in weight loss with Kfibre compared to the control fibre

By helping to normalise your digestion Kfibre will hold back your hunger, and you’ll achieve the goals you’ve set more easily.

Head to our science section for more information, Kfibre lowers the GI of other foods and reduces hunger hormone too !

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