Supports your Microbiome

Your microbiome comprises the collection of microorganisms that live in the human gut. Everyone has a unique microbiome that begins with birth and changes throughout your life. Research has shown that the microbiome is linked to all sorts of conditions in the body from normal or dysfunctional digestion, constipation, reflux, weight gain, inflammatory bowel syndromes, autoimmune disease such as coeliac disease and even your mental health.

The foods you eat heavily influence your microbiome, and a primary support is a healthy diet high in fibre and especially prebiotics that support the microbiome.

Prebiotic fibres are indigestible to you, but the bacteria in your gut thrive on them to release healthy nutrients back to you.

The insoluble fibre and prebiotic in Kfibre is fermented by your bacteria at a more uniform rate than other fibres so the benefits to you are delivered along the entire digestive system keeping your microbiome balanced. See the [science section] for more information on the microbiome and mechanisms.

If your digestion is anything less than you expect, Kfibre can help deliver the boost to your own bacteria, support your microbiome and get you back on track.

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