Low FODMAP Certified

The origin plant for Kfibre is sugarcane. Kfibre removes almost all the sugar content through its unique manufacturing process. Kfibre has low sucrose content and has been independently certified as FODMAP Friendly.

Kfibre is a complex dietary fibre. 1 teaspoon (1.5g) equals 80-150g of whole fruit or vegetables without the calories. The plant cell wall structure of Kfibre is highly related to other fruit and vegetable cellular material but without the levels of accompanying carbohydrate sugars or lipids that are present in most.

Kfibre is so low FODMAP you could eat the whole packet (not recommended) and it would still be classed as Low FODMAP.

If you’ve been recommended a Low FODMAP diet to control IBS or other digestive issues, Kfibre will fit right in along with providing benefits to microbiome support, digestive regularity and

Kfibre has been independently analysed and determined to be LOW FODMAP


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