Research Overview

Health Food Symmetry Pty Ltd (HFS) is an Australian specialty health & medical food supplier that manufactures & researches functional ingredients for the global health and food industries, HFS has recently acquired the assets of KFSU LTD including processing, research and IP.

Health Food Symmetry claims are backed by University & human clinical studies, Weight loss lifestyle trials, and anecdotal evidence.
HFS is continuing its research designed to demonstrate the health benefits in accordance with food health claims regulation and complimentary medicine regulation.

HFS claims are based on extensive evidence in respect to its FDA accredited whole of plant dietary fibre/prebiotic and the health functions it supports:

  • Microbiome changes & SCFA synthesis linked to immune support
  • Relief from dietary indigestion & heartburn
  • Natural anti-inflammatory properties,
  • Assistance to bowel movements and digestive experience,
  • Weight loss: due to the GI lowering properties, microbiome, satiety and ghrelin hormone changes backed by a 90-person weight loss study.

Research Focus

HFS has a research focus on human microbiome modulation with a several primary areas:

  • Short Chain Fatty Acid (SCFA) synthesis via fermentation of the dietary fibre/prebiotic “Kfibre” (published paper) and how SCFA’s support immune function.
  • Acid Reflux (GERD)
    • Patented technology and clinical trials form the basis of this technology.
  • Human Clinical Trial: “Anti-Nausea and appetite improvement during chemotherapy treatment”. Protocols and ethics approval under review (UTAS).
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) & IBS
    • Synbiotic treatments; by co-administration with probiotics to support or amplify the effects. Significant reductions in Disease Activity Index and C-Reactive Protein for two animal models (DSS & Winnie). Paper published 2018.
    • Human Clinical Trial in planning phase
  • Weight loss (study released 2014) via microbiome modulation
  • Other areas of interest;
    • Phytonutrient antioxidants and policosanols
    • Microbiome potential: Cholesterol modulation effects, “hunger hormone” changes, and chronic constipation management

Kfibre – A Unique Prebiotic Fibre

The plant cell wall structure of Kfibre is comparable to other fruit and vegetable cellular material but without the levels of accompanying carbohydrate sugars or lipids that are generally present. Fruits and vegetables typically have 1.0-1.8 % (dry weight/wet weight) of fibre.

A 3-gram dose of Kfibre has about the same complex fibre content of 166-300 g of fruit or vegetable.

Application of Kfibre therefore allows manipulation of levels of cellular fibre in the diet independent of any significant change in energy content. As a supplement to dietary fibre intake, Kfibre assists in maintaining a well-balanced diet.


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