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HFS has completed a 90 subject weight loss study that demonstrates significantly improved outcomes for a weight loss program that included Kfibre compared to a control group.

On an 8-week program the weight loss recorded for females in the control group was 5.7 kgs, and for the Kfibre group it was 10.06kg.

This represented a 76% increase in weight loss and exceeded the performance of many pharmaceutical options for obesity weight loss. Males demonstrated a 56% improvement in weight loss with Kfibre compared to the control (6.41kg vs 9.97kg).

“Outcome of the use of Kfibre against not using Kfibre and comparing weight loss” by Marissa Pilla – Pharmacist N.H.A.A / P.S.A / A.A.C.P / S.M.A. Published 14 Feb 2014


There are both simple and complex implications for the amplification of the weight loss compared to the control ranging from microbiome modulation to metabolic changes in the host. The number of subjects in this study and the weight loss demonstrates statistically valid conclusions.

Outcome of the use of Kfibre™ against not using Kfibre™ and comparing weight loss [2/14/2014] Marisa Pilla
Pharmacist/Herbalist/Nutritionalist/Sports Trainer

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