Research & University Partners

University Of Tasmania

The University of Tasmania has been a long-term partner of KFSU for scientific trials and now clinical trials. They bring a very strong scientific team and a level of independence to the research.

The principal scientist is a Professor with a long career focussed on food science technology, functional foods and nutraceuticals, and the health properties of food.

The clinical links are provided by a Doctor (biomedical scientist) with a strong reputation in the research of gut inflammation and Inflammatory Bowel Disease(IBD), colitis, mucosal biology. Clinical trials in humans are designed and overseen from this expertise.

In support of the next generation of scientists and research, a PhD student has been dedicated to the understanding and study of the inflammatory capabilities provided by Kfibre. This student has presented her work internationally at scientific conferences and we hope the project has been a rewarding contribution to the understanding of gut health and natural therapies as well as assisting the university to produce world class scientists and research.

We enjoy the support of the UTAS research team as well as the involvement of commercial and legal teams at UTAS and hope to shine a light on their good work with industry for more projects in the future.


University Of Queensland

The University of Queensland has completed multiple trials in a few different scientific areas for Kfibre. Research on the prebiotic properties on animal models and the production of Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFA) has been completed demonstrating strong function and complex bacterial digestion due to the reduced rate of fermentation compared to other fibres, resulting on continued availability of SCFAs through more of the bowel.

UQ has also run practical trials for the blending of Kfibre into other food products and the inclusion rates.


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