Magic Custard Cake

Kfibreoriginal was a no brainer and disappears into the flour to up the prebiotic fibre. Who knew that supporting your gut microbiome could make you feel so heavenly. · Prep time: 10 minutes · Cooking time: 35 minutes · Serves: 12 Print recipe You will need: 4 eggs, room ...Read More

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Rosemary Scones

Nothing beats a classic scone recipe. Top with jam and cream make for a classic afternoon tea treat. I upped the ante on these by adding a hint of fresh rosemary and a smattering of Kfibreoriginal prebiotic powder What is a prebiotic you ask? Well, prebiotics are a type ...Read More

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Japanese Cheesecake

If you ever ask me what I want for dessert, I’m always going to start with cheesecake. As a dietitian, I have an “All foods fit” policy. We eat for so many reasons and celebrating together with friends is an important one. Mini cheesecakes are the perfect decadent but ...Read More

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