Thick Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are the best excuse to eat soft serve for breakfast. Yes, a smoothie bowl is just a fruity glorified soft serve. Not only are these delicious and pretty (yes, eating with your eyes is a thing), but they are a refreshing, easy and healthy breakfast. Of course, ...Read More

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Overnight Weetbix

Ok, so who said you couldn’t eat dessert for breakfast. This recipe is just like eating cheesecake, but a healthier breakfast type version. Imagine velvety vanilla yoghurt and explosions of raspberry. Layered with crushed Weet bix. The concept is the same as overnight oats. Only made with Weet bix ...Read More

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Japanese Cheesecake

If you ever ask me what I want for dessert, I’m always going to start with cheesecake. As a dietitian, I have an “All foods fit” policy. We eat for so many reasons and celebrating together with friends is an important one. Mini cheesecakes are the perfect decadent but ...Read More

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