Low FODMAP Green Smoothie

If you’re having trouble getting your 5 + a day, then this recipe is for you. Packed with banana, pineapple, ginger and a healthy dose of spinach it’s a great start to the day or anytime snack. If you think a green smoothie is bound to taste like salad, ...Read More

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Why Do You Feel Bloated All The Time: Causes and Remedies

At one time or another, you’ve probably felt bloated, which is the uncomfortable sensation of having trapped gas or increased pressure or fullness in your gut. It may or may not be accompanied by a visibly distended (swollen) abdomen. Firstly, it’s perfectly normal to experience bloating sometimes. However, this ...Read More

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What are the Benefits of Prebiotic Fibres?

Although we are learning more and more about gut health, there is a lot that still remains a mystery. We know for sure that having a lot of bacteria is a good thing and that having lots of different bacteria is also important. We call this "abundance" and "diversity", respectively. ...Read More

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Is Leaky Gut Real?

The term ‘leaky gut’ in recent years has gained immense popularity and become a buzzword. Although there was some doubt of whether something like this existed in the past, more and more research is finding that it is real phenomenon that is present in several chronic diseases. It has even ...Read More

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