Are isolated soluble fibres really just “ultra-processed” food additives?

For gut health enthusiasts the term “Prebiotic dietary fibre” is not jargon. Many different kinds of prebiotic dietary fibre supplements are available in your local pharmacy. Your supermarket’s “health aisle” displays range of different food products that tout the benefits of added prebiotic fibres with claims to resolve all ...Read More

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IBD vs IBS – What is the Difference?

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) is often confused with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). “IBS” and “IBD” may sound similar, but the two acronyms stand for two very different conditions that affect the digestive tract. While they may have some similar symptoms, IBS and IBD are not the same, and they ...Read More

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Whole Plant Fibre Or Isolated & Purified Fibre Extracts

“Whole plant vegetable fibre” or “isolated & purified fibre extracts” - Which one sounds better for your gut health ? For optimal health & wellbeing as well as keeping preventable disease at bay, maintaining a healthy gut is not a novel concept. Scientists, dietitians, physicians and even sophisticated consumers ...Read More

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