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Overnight Weet bix

Ok, so who said you couldn’t eat dessert for breakfast. This recipe is just like eating cheesecake, but a healthier breakfast type version. Imagine velvety vanilla yoghurt and explosions of raspberry. Layered with crushed Weet bix. The concept is the same as overnight oats. Only made with Weet bix [...]

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Individual Fluffy Cheesecakes

If you ever ask me what I want for dessert, I’m always going to start with cheesecake. As a dietitian, I have an “All foods fit” policy. We eat for so many reasons and celebrating together with friends is an important one. Mini cheesecakes are the perfect decadent but no [...]

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Low FODMAP Pineapple Green Goddess Smoothie

If you’re having trouble getting your 5 + a day, then this recipe is for you. Packed with banana, pineapple, ginger and a healthy dose of spinach it’s a great start to the day or anytime snack. If you think a green smoothie is bound to taste like salad, [...]

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Teriyaki Meatballs with Prebiotic Goodness

Did you know that Kfibre is different from other fibre supplements? Most fibres are heat treated and extracted to isolate the fibre part of the plant. Kfibre is different. Its what’s called a complex prebiotic fibre supplement? This means that it has not been heat treated or refined in [...]

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