I just wanted to send you my story in case it helps someone else.

In Dec 2018, I was diagnosed with localised breast cancer with lymph node involvement. Managing three emotional kids, a scared husband, and a mother with breast cancer as well was not what I’d planned after New Year’s celebrations.

Everyone told me chemo treatments and radiation would knock me down, but I didn’t know quite know my specifics beyond the fatigue, being IBS like food intolerances, indigestion & heartburn that came along with it as well.

My mother recommended Kfibre as a natural solution to try and settle my digestion and I’m so pleased I gave it a chance.

I’d had indigestion & reflux throughout the day until I started taking Kfibre which effectively held it back; giving me some control and made coping with the rest of the treatment a little bit easier. One less thing is a very big thing sometimes.

I know it was the Kfibre because I had a 5-day stint in hospital during treatment and couldn’t take it during that stay. Indigestion and reflux came back by day 2. First day home I was back onto Kfibre.


Leah P

12 Aug 20

Ps. you can double all the above since my mum went through the same thing last year and she’s even more of a Kfibre believer than me.