Just wanted to share with you some thoughts and my experience about your K fibre product, I first saw the product on tv and thought the way to good to be true, but what sparked my interest was the product was natural, locally Made in Ayr and from a product I know all too well sugar cane !!!!

So myself I said what could it hurt to try, yet another thing to try solve my poop ? problems !!!!

I had very invasive back surgery in 2001, it was performed through my stomach where the surgeons push and shoved my whole peritoneal cavity back in after fixing 3 ruptured discs, my whole bowel and stomach were never the same.

I then had two more surgeries to fix bowel adhesions.

Since then I have suffered debilitating, sometimes agonising gas, bloating and discomfort. Especially when seated for extended periods of time, like travel, restaurants, cinemas etc!

I would have to go home, lay down and apply heat to wait for it to subside.

I have had an endoscopy, a colonoscopy, ultrasounds ( internal ?and external ) to check if anything else was going on, been checked for ovarian problems etc, everything!!!

Over the years I had tried all sorts of Australian and international potions, pills, diets, dietary exclusion you name it …. I am 6 ft and 65 kg, very fit muscular/slim build and keep a very very good diet !!

We thought my bowel issues were more mechanical maybe than gut-related because of all the adhesions, because as long as I ate tiny amounts and kept moving it was sort of ok ?

Well approx 6 weeks ago I started taking KFibre ?

I started taking 1 teaspoon on my porridge in the morning, then after 1 month ramped it up two another teaspoon in the evening!!!!!

Well, I can simply not explain how this tiny little pile of lightweight dull-looking powder has significantly changed my bowel and gut health, the results have been extraordinary !!!!!!!!

In the 6 weeks, I have been using KFibre my bowels are regular ( once or twice daily )

More important I have only had one case of the bloats and for me, this is simply seriously miraculous,

To end, I’m really not sure what is in this stuff or why it agrees with me so, but the results are not just you know so so, they are life-changing ? and for anyone that has bloating or bowel/gut issues, you will know exactly what I mean !!!!!!!!

I hope it continues, cause it’s just too easy ( make me think it’s too good to be true ?)

I feel great and can not remember the last time my belly was this flat, and I continually have such a good poo ?????

Thanks so much, K fibre team, don’t ever stop producing your amazing product!!!!!

F Bischoff

Mackay Qld

3 Aug 20