Dear Sir,

I write on behalf of a 92 year old relative who lives in Yarraman, Qld. Last year she was not well at all, complaining of acid reflux, which has troubled her for many years, and all the treatments she has been given have not been successful.

Her GP gave her a sample of Kfibre to use for her bowel problems – she had used Movicol, Coloxyl with Senna and had tried Psyllium Husk on breakfast cereal with limited help. Kfibre proved to work well.

We bought a packet of Kfibre and posted it to Myrtle and it didn’t take long for her to call us to tell us how much relief she had and would we send her 2 more packets. We did, and on arriving home from Townsville there was a message on the phone to please send her another two packets. She is thrilled that Kfibre assists with the Acid Reflux problem, but also her general health is so much better and she is now able to have a good night’s sleep. She will continue to use the Kfibre.

Yours Sincerely,

Jim Scott