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Kfibre is a natural, complex, raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fiber for gut health management and microbiome/immune support containing active phytonutrients & antioxidants and that equals pure prebiotic power for all stages of life and diets, this includes children on solids to our Great-Grandparents. And everyone in between.

It’s that good we do not need to hide behind flavors and additives! That’s not what Kfibre is about!

So, if you live with bloating, indigestion or heartburn, constipation, FODMAP, or food intolerances (Kfibre has no known allergens) that keep you from optimal healthy digestion or wish to lose a little weight then Kfibre is for you.

Look around our website and see why it is a game-changer in microbiome/immune health.


What can Kfibre help?

Normalise your Digestion

Relieve your Dietary Constipation

Relief from dietary Indigestion and Heartburn

Weight Management

Diet assist for gluten & FODMAP sensitive

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Whole Plant Fibre Or Isolated & Purified Fibre Extracts

“Whole plant vegetable fibre” or “isolated & purified fibre extracts” - Which one sounds better for your gut health ? For optimal health & wellbeing as well as keeping preventable disease at bay, maintaining a healthy gut is not a novel concept. Scientists, dietitians, physicians and even sophisticated consumers [...]

Let us Introduce

Dr Dingle from GHA

Gut Health Science, Stories and Solutions.

For some background, the good Doc is a gut health researcher with decades of experience in health. Kfibre and Dr Dingle have been assisting each other going forwards as we complement each other’s knowledge and experience. Check out Dr Dingles Facebook Group Today

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