Kfibre is a powerful prebiotic that is made of both soluble and insoluble fibres that are not isolated or purified. Kfibre is derived from whole plant sugarcane with only the sugars removed. This leaves a very broad set of prebiotics and fibres in their natural state for your microbiome to digest.

Your microbiome comprises all the genetic material and ultimately the entire collection of microorganisms that live in the human gut. Everyone has a unique microbiome that begins with birth and then the sum of all environmental experiences that you have in life. The foods you eat heavily influence your microbiome, disease, and treatments will change it as well. While the science is still being gathered to understand what health functions the microbiome might allow us to control in the future, it is known today that the greater the diversity of bacteria in a person’s gut, the greater the likelihood that person has a well-functioning gut with regular digestion and a strong immune system.

Probiotics have been marketed as the path to good intestinal bacteria or flora. While the science on this is always developing, an overlooked element is simply what you feed to the bacteria that are already inside you. It’s often the case that a person’s microbiome will still contain most of the species of bacteria found in probiotics, but if they weren’t doing their job from the inside, adding more on top may not be your only answer.

One clear answer is to feed the beneficial bacteria you already have, as well as any probiotics you will take, because if they don’t have the food they need, the probiotic value could be going straight down the toilet.

The beneficial bacteria that deliver health functions thrive on prebiotic fibres, both insoluble and soluble, and by feeding them – their numbers will grow, and they will produce micronutrients such as Short Chain Fatty Acids (SCFAs). Many scientists now believe that SCFAs are a key link between diet, the gut microbiome and immune system function – ultimately, your health.

If you eat the right balance of foods you can re-balance your microbiome, but if you can’t quite get that balance right, Kfibre may be an answer for you and your microbiome.