The short answer here is; we don’t exactly know… yet. There are many, many anecdotal reports of kfibre providing positive support for people with dietary indigestion and acid reflux reduction (also known as GERD / GORD). While we can explain the possible mechanisms through all of the existing statements such as prebiotics, microbiome balance, phytonutrients, micronutrients, reduced bloating and stomach food clearance….These are just possible explanations of the outcome, not scientific or verifiable mechanisms.

We have strong testimonials from individuals with indigestion and acid reflux (GERD / GORD), however the first step for us to to confirm that the anecdotal reports are true for a large population and in a setting where bias has been removed; a clinical trial. This trial is already underway with an independent gastrointestinal clinic overseen by our University Partner researchers at the University of Tasmania.

Once this pilot trial is complete and following our expectation of success, we will then look to larger scale and mechanism studies that explain what the changes occurring are, and how that results in a benefit to dietary indigestion and acid reflux (GERD / GORD).

If you know someone with indigestion or acid reflux (GERD / GORD), refer them across to our testimonials page and read the reviews from others who have taken kfibre. It could be the simple solution you need for a huge health benefit.