Did you know that you have about 1kg of bacteria living inside our intestines! What’s more, there are more different kinds of bacteria than there are stars in the milky way. These bacteria are known collectively as your “gut microbiome”. We are still learning a lot about these bacteria, science is indicating that they are implicated in gut health, body weight, mental health, glucose metabolism, heart health, inflammatory processes and immunity. Indicating a profound impact on health and wellbeing.

It only takes a quick google search to realise a vast array of tests, tonics and “diets” to improve or optimise your gut health. The thing is, that most of the time these remedies are well beyond what science actually knows.

What is gut health?

Although, you can do a stool sample test and get a colourful print out of what your gut microbiome looks like, the jury is still out on what to do with this information. What we do know is that everyone’s gut microbiome is different and a large number of your bacteria, no one else in the world even has! What we are confident of is that having an abundant and diverse microbiome is reflective of a healthy gut. Beyond that, it appears that it doesn’t matter so much what your bacteria look like, as long as you have the specific “niches” to perform certain tasks.

So how can you achieve a healthy gut?

Well, gut bacteria are live organisms and they need food to stay alive and what you eat, determines what nourishment they have access to. The thing is, these bacteria do tend to be a little fussy. If we don’t feed them the foods they like, they tend to starve and die off, leaving room for opportunistic bad guys to set up camp.

Kfibre, is a complex and natural fibre supplement that provides nourishment for your healthy gut bacteria. More importantly, Kfibre supports the diversity of your microbiome by feeding various bacteria in your gut. Kfibre is backed by years of university research and it works. Just like fertiliser helps your garden grow and flourish, Kfibre will help your gut microbiome grow and flourish.

If you feel your digestion needs more support, are concerned about your gut health or you want to feel a real difference. Try Kfibre today, for a healthier gut tomorrow.


By Joanna Baker, APD & RN