Health. Food. Symmetry.

Your Microbiome is unique to
only you, discover a prebiotic
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Health. Food. Symmetry.

Your Microbiome is unique to
only you, discover a prebiotic
unique to only us

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Our range

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Benefits DietaryConstipationSupport v2


Dietary Constipation

  • Eases dietary cause constipation

  • Supports regular bowel movements

  • Supports maintenance of digestive health

  • Promotes regularity

  • Monash Low FODMAP certified & Gluten-free

  • Healthy & Convenient

  • Natural Orange Flavour

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Dietary Indigestion
& Bloating

  • Eases digestive discomfort including indigestion, bloating and gas

  • Supports maintenance of intestinal health

  • Promotes microbiome balance

  • Feeds good fibre-digesting bacteria

  • Monash Low FODMAP certified & Gluten-free

  • Healthy & Convenient

  • Natural Berry Flavour

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Benefits DietaryIndigestionBloating v2
Benefits GutHealthFibre v2


Gut Health Fibre

  • Virgin Sugarcane Prebiotic Fibre

  • Supports Gut Health

  • Maintains Digestive Regularity

  • Promotes Microbiome Diversity

  • Monash Low FODMAP certified & Gluten-free

  • Healthy & Convenient

  • Unflavoured – perfect in a Drink, Smoothie, Soup, Baking & More

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Made By Nature, Nurtured by Science

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Kfibre was created to provide people with a completely natural food supplement for their digestive health and overall wellbeing.

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Kfibre has undergone over 10 years of scientific development with food-health claims for the maintenance of intestinal & digestive health.

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Kfibre has long term University research partners, and there have been human clinical trials and scientific publications directly using Kfibre to modulate the microbiome with additional trials currently underway.

Here at Kfibre, we know the importance of having good gut health and why getting the best prebiotic is just as crucial as finding a proven probiotic. With modern lifestyles, processed food and eating “on the go”, many people suffer from a lack of digestive support, loss of microbiome diversity, dietary indigestion & dietary bloating as a result.

If you’re confused in a world of microbiome supplements, weight loss supplements, leaky gut supplements and immune-boosting supplements – Kfibre can cut through the jargon and simply provide a natural digestion optimising prebiotic food for your existing gut bacteria, whether you take probiotics supplements or not. Be good to your gut bacteria and they will be good to you, it is a simple concept, and it is true.

We offer a superb natural, insoluble / soluble fibre digestive aid, and microbiome modulating prebiotic, that can provide the support you may be missing, especially the beneficial short chain fatty acids (SCFAs) your gut bacteria want to make for you; they just need the right food.

We all know that it is vital that we consume enough fiber/fibre. However, the majority of us do not get enough from our food. Getting the best dietary fibre is essential not only for our gut health, but also for maintaining a healthy weight and our general cardiovascular health. A good quality prebiotic dietary fibre will have a substantial impact on supporting your feelings of digestive comfort and general well-being, giving you more focus & energy to enjoy the things that you love.

When it comes to gut health supplements and maintaining your gut microbiome, the options available are endless. Knowing where to start and which ones actually do what they claim can be a challenge, and that is why you must receive the right advice from people that you can trust. We always support consultation with health care professionals when you are ready for a health change, but we know we can be part of your journey too.

We are a proud Australian owned and managed company with a global health approach and believe in good old-fashioned values and scientific truth. We offer quality products at the right price. Our raw un-purified prebiotic dietary fibre/fiber is packed with phytonutrients you might miss out on most days.

If you have been living with dietary indigestion & bloating, our prebiotic & microbiome approach may be a part of the natural effort you need to return to your idea of optimal health. Kfibre is GMO-free & has no food allergens, so it is the best dietary fibre you can get at the starting line. Restoring your microbiome is a journey and personal to the effort you put in and the diet you can control, however with our Low FODMAP prebiotic fibre on your team you might one day say your microbiome was restored and optimising your digestion was the path to the result.

We have always appreciated the need to maintain gut health but could not always find the products that we not only wanted but needed. That is why we decided to start producing our own back in 2006 using sugarcane, a natural ingredient with ancient health benefits. Obviously, sugarcane has the concept of being high in sugar, so from the outset, we set about reducing 95% of sugar content, but retaining all the nutritional value. The result is a chemical-free prebiotic, which is high in fibre and perfect for maintaining and optimising gut health.

We have hundreds of satisfied customers, and as you can see on our website, a good number have been keen to spread the word and help others who may be experiencing similar issues. So, if you would like more information about arguably the best prebiotic on the market, you can contact us directly through our website. We would be delighted to hear from you and answer any questions about the product or our research and how we can help you.

Hear from expert IBS & FODMAP
dietitian Joanna Baker (APD | RN)

“I recommend Kfibre to my patients; it is Monash University low FODMAP certified, but more importantly, it works. Improving regularity and gut microbiome has my patients feeling better and improves tolerance, allowing more variety with food – and more variety is always a good thing physically and emotionally.”

– Joanna Baker APD / RN

The KfibrePro Prebiotic + Probiotic formulation range was co-designed by Kfibre gut health scientists & expert IBS dietitian Joanna Baker (APD | RN)

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What people say about Kfibre

Our Bundles

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KfibreOriginal & KfibrePro products are Monash Low FODMAP certified – your measure of trust when it comes to IBS and FODMAP sensitivities.

Microbiome 101
& the Gut Brain Axis

Our microbiome is established in the first few years of our life and is responsible for instructing our metabolism, immune system, and is involved in programming the brain. Interaction with the natural world, other humans, and animals is essential for the optimal development of gut microbiota.

Our story

Kfibre®, a gut health range of products created by Health Food Symmetry (HFS), an Australian company that specialises in high level science supported nutraceuticals that support optimal digestive health.
The Kfibre® team works closely with experienced IBS & FODMAP Dietitian Joanna Baker APD | RN as a Kfibre advocate and contributor to HFS research & new product design.

“I recommend Kfibre® to my patients; Kfibre® is low FODMAP certified, but more importantly, it works”

– Joanna Baker APD|RN

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